We are participating at IT Camp: It will be fun! in Busteni

This September 21-25 we have the distinct pleasure of participating in IBusiness's IX Tabera de IT: IT will be fun! It is the second time we 
are partnering up for this event and it is particularly close to our hearts, as the majority of our team is in the demographic this event targets.
Last year, our on Alex Pereteanu discussed the emerging trends in Mobility and Mobile Applications, this year our Director Daniel Nistor
shall be holding a seminar on M-Health, Cyber Security and Big Data Analytics. 
Tabara de IT is an event focused on the personal and professional development of individuals between the ages for 18-35 through the
incorporation of a series of hands-on trainings and seminars. Professionals will be discuss hot topics such as: cloud, big data, analytics,
data center, cybersecurity, mobilitate, Internet of Things (IoT), and more
All that is required of participants is for them to be over 18, and passionate about IT. Who knows, antendees may event leave with a possible
new internship of job! Find out more at:


Profitability to the Third Power: Big Data - Analytics - Cloud 

On June 30th, we participated in IBusiness’ open forum discussing trends, benefits, perspectives, and most importantly we discussed innovation and profitability impacted by “Big Data – The Cloud – Analytics”.

The panel present reunited a series of specialists in research, government organizations, consultancy firms, and solution mavens from companies such as ANSSI (Asociatiei Nationale pentru Securitatea Sistemelor Informatice), Ernst & Young, SAS Romania, Ymens, and of course, Infoworld.

Among the topics discussed and how they impact the rapidly changing Romanian market, our own Maryo Fiscuteanu discussed Big Data, The Cloud, and Analytics for a medical standpoint, particularly in the realm of information and cyber security.  To find out more about the event, click here. 



IT Trends: Securitatea Euro-Atlantica si Securitatea in Spatiul Cibernetic (editia a ll-a)

Recent a avut loc cea de a doua editie a conferintei internationale dedicata securitatii cibernetice in contextul global atat de complex al
conflictelor pe multiple planuri pe care le putem vedea in plina desfasurare in acest moment in diferite locuri pe planeta. Acestea sunt
si motivele pentru care conferinta din acest an s-a bucurat de o semnificativa participare atat internationala cat si nationala, dezbaterile
si prezentarile suscitand multe discutii, intrebari si, mai ales raspunsuri din partea unor personalitati ale caror opinii chiar conteaza.

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 IT&C Directory: Info World: the present is yours, we bring you the future

Info World just recently celebrated 15 years of excellence on the IT&C Market, working exclusively in eHealth. The recognition and the results received since the company's inauguration are the best proof of their relentless work for both partners and clients. They have attained accolades for their constant capacity to learn and implement innovative techniques in both products and services; yet they always are aware that their field of expertise is information technology - the most rapidly transforming market in today's society.

On June 30th, we participated in IBusiness’ open forum discussing trends, benefits, perspectives, and most importantly we discussed innovation and profitability impacted by “Big Data – The Cloud – Analytics”.




IT Trends: Certificari  in  privinta  securitatii  datelor  in  domeniul eHealth

Partenerul companiei Info World din Statele Unite ale Americii a obtinut recent cateva certificari extreme de importante in ceea ce priveste securitatea datelor in domeniul eHealth, certificari esentiale pentru a pune opera la standardele impuse de legislatia SUA in domeniul serviciilor IT de sanatate. Este o recunoastere remarcabila pentru echipa de programatori a InfoWorld din Romania care a lucrat la elaborarea softului implementat in SUA in reteaua de spitale a veteranilor de razboi si care a trebuit sa treaca aceste teste de securitate a datelor si  sa obtina certificarile aferente. Acesta este si motivul pentru care i-am luat un interviu d-lui Radu Berca, cel care a coordonat echipa din Romania pentru a ne da mai multe detalii despre aceasta realizare a programatorilor romani.

In SUA legislatia in domeniu prevede respectarea unor standarde unice, reglementate foarte clar astfel incat orice soft implementat in zona de eHealth sa raspunda acestor cerinte. Cum era si firesc l-am intrebat pe dl. Berca si in legatura cu reglemantarile din UE si din Romania. 

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